Edison Ormaza is an expert in ECUADOR VISA SERVICES AND PERMANENT RESIDENCE with offices in the United States, Canada contacts worldwide and its main branch in Azogues Ecuador. We understand that moving to a different country implies a great amount of stress and hard work. To help you out in the process we have prepared a list that focuses on key points and terms you should become familiar with. If you are a U.S. citizen planning on moving to Ecuador, the following information will be useful to you. Is provable you be surprised about the constant migratory changes and not knowing what to do is very difficult. You do not have to worry Edison is the best expert in Visas of the Ecuador our services include legal advice during and after you visa process. Edison together with his bilingual team of experts in Visas will be constantly advising and informing you throughout the entire visa process.

In recent months the government has made huge strides to simplify visa applications. There are offices in Quito and Guayaquil, and to better accommodate the continued influx of foreigners, a new immigration office opened in Azogues last year. The most common visa options are: • Pensioner’s visa. Prove a permanent monthly income of $800 (plus $100 for each dependent). • Investment visa. Buy a CD worth $25,000 (plus $500 for each dependent) from a lending institution approved by the Ecuadorian government. • Real estate visa. Buy a home with a tax value of at least $25,000 (plus $500 for each dependent). To live in Ecuador full-time, expats must obtain a residence visa, so getting your paperwork in order before arriving in Ecuador is a must.

For all visas you’ll need a police report and, when applicable, a marriage license or common law certificate. Minor dependents will also need their birth certificates, but go ahead and get everyone’s because they will be needed to later apply for your cedula, the Ecuadorian ID card. All required documents must be apostilled, a fancy term most of us have never heard of. This is a certification, issued by the Secretary of State (in the U.S.) where your document originates, proving its authenticity with a public official’s signature and seal. They must also be translated into Spanish, but wait until you arrive in Ecuador to get this done to avoid the additional hassle of having to get those apostilled as well. Visas are now being issued within a couple of months from application date or sometimes even quicker if you contact Edison.

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Americans Find More Affordable Paradise for Retirement in Ecuador

The Andes Mountains has held a small, beautiful paradise that has been able to bring in thousands of Americans from their home country because of the retirement in Ecuador movement. Cuenca, Ecuador is a place so many may never have heard for before. However, this is all starting to

Thinking about getting an Ecuador Visa? Is Cuenca Safe for Expats?

If you’re wondering if expats in Ecuador are safe, you’re not the only one. Moving to Ecuador for retirement sounded like a good idea but when you got there you were shocked to see bars on the windows and doors and now you’re wondering if you need to be concerned.

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Edison Ormaza expert on human mobility together with his team of experts will be constantly advising and informing you throughout the entire visa process. You won’t have to worry about anything, we will take care if all your immigration needs! Many of our customers worldwide are satisfied, you have the confidence and peace of mind knowing that while you meet all immigration requirements, your visa will be processed. We guarantee it. Avoid the hassle of calling immigration, contact us before arriving in Ecuador.


Is provable you be surprised about the constant migratory changes and not knowing what to do is very difficult. You do not have to worry Cuenca Visas is equipped with the best experts in Visas of the Ecuador our services include legal advice during and after their visa process.

The legal assistance and recommendations we provide is completely free we guarantee it.

Ecuador Retirement Sounds Too Good to Be True or is it?

Are you looking into getting Ecuador retirement visa and thinking this sounds like living in paradise but with a budget price, is it really as good as it sounds?

You worked hard all your life, saved a little money and now you’re ready to live the good life but really can’t afford it. Have you considered retiring in Ecuador? Here are some of the top reasons why you should.

Get Much More for Your Money in Ecuador

Moving to Ecuador can really stretch your American dollars, allowing you to live much more comfortably than you could in the US. To give you a rough idea, you can move into a furnished three-bedroom apartment with a Mountain View for less than $600. Try that it the US.

Cost of living is a fraction of what it costs in the United States. A typical lunch is going to cost you under three dollars, and the best part is that Ecuador uses the US dollar as its official currency.

Low-Cost Medical Care Is Also a Benefit

How would you like to pay 60 to 70% less on your medications than you are now? Can you believe a trip to the emergency room including doctor visit will cost you under $40? You may also be eligible for government medical insurance once you reside in Ecuador.

Easily Catch a Nonstop Flight Back to the US

There are plenty of nonstop flights back to the US leaving Ecuador’s main airport daily so you can fly in and out at your convenience.

A Wide Variety of Climates

Ecuador retirement is really like living in paradise. Divided by the Andes mountain range you can experience beaches on the Pacific coast, volcanoes and hot Springs not to mention the dense Amazon rain forest.

Typical temperatures, from season to season, range from 75° in the summer to around 52° in the winter. The climate is truly comfortable year round.

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Ecuador Permanent Residency, what’s the catch?

In order to live in Ecuador permanently you’re going to have to get an Ecuador resident visa. Most people find this a very confusing and stressful process to go through. However you can hire a professional like Edison Ormaza to make the process seamless.
Why stress yourself out, worrying about if you’re taking all the steps you need to get your Ecuador retirement visa when you can just turn it over to a professional and not worry about it at all. Most US residents retiring in Ecuador take this low stress approach, knowing that it will be done right the first time.
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